Welcome to the fantastical natural world of Dinise Mustain.The work I create is with love respect for the natural world with its ever changing seasons.

My original pressed botanical collage pieces are composed of plants that I have grown myself either from seeds or transplants. Other plants have been harvested with permission and with sustainable practices. Some of the pressed materials are purchased and/or traded with other pressed flower artist around the world.

After harvesting plants are pressed using the latest techniques. Then I use pieces of the plants as media similar to mosaic tiles, where a hundred individual pieces may be placed to create a textured skirt or a forest rug.

Each work of art is then sealed and framed to protect it for years to come.

I create one-of-a-kind pieces that are shown at fine art shows throughout the Midwest. If one of these pieces speaks to you, contact me through this website or edinisem@yahoo.com to discuss how to pay and ship.

Many of my original works are reproduced as 5 x 7 cards and 11 x 14 prints. Just contact me with your order by email on this website or edinisem@yahoo.com.

Feel the earth mother calling you back to her through the work and thank you for stopping by!